St. Charles Borromeo School

Parent Testimonials

St. Charles Borromeo is truly an exceptional school where each student is held to the highest academic, spiritual, and social standards. Both of my children have attended St. Charles Borromeo since Pre- Kindergarten and 1st grade and have continued to authentically thrive in this school.

I was very impressed that St. Charles Borromeo staff had embraced the California Common Core Standards two years before many of the public school districts in the entire state. This meant that my children were immersed in common core curriculum and methodology in their respective classrooms before many other students. The staff at St. Charles Borromeo School are true gifts to education. Not only do they academically challenge students in their classroom, but they genuinely care for them. Families are kindly greeted each morning and the staff is readily accessible through either personal conversation or email. My husband and I are marveled at the learning that takes places daily and we can easily access our children’s current grades at the online student progress site.

The academic language that my first grader uses at home in his informal conversations with me is astonishing. He has even shared some of the craft and structure elements that his favorite authors use in their books. On the same note, my fifth grader shares with my husband and I all his classwork, homework and projects. Through these assignments, it is evident that my children are being taught the common core standards, challenged to think creatively, and that their teachers have high academic expectations. This is definitely a strong foundation for my children’s educational future. Every Friday my children attend school mass with their class. The mass is prepared by respective grade levels. It is a pleasure to see that the students are not only practicing leadership skills, but they are also living our catholic faith. After the mass, the principal reinforces the gospel by setting weekly goals for the entire student body to achieve. St. Charles Borromeo School and staff are blessings in our lives. They set the tone for a calm, family atmosphere. My children enjoy going to school there and I enjoy seeing how they continue to flourish spiritually, socially and academically.

- Azarel Iniguez