St. Charles Borromeo School

Why St. Charles Borromeo Parish School?

St. Charles Borromeo Parish School is a Catholic elementary (Pre-K to 8th Grade) school that nurtures faith formation supported by academic excellence. With one of the most culturally diverse student bodies in the Sacramento Diocese, the school celebrates the school’s families who are steadfastly focused on Catholic teachings and the school’s successful future.

The vision of St. Charles Borromeo Parish School is to sustain a faith-filled, vibrant, enterprising and loving community where:

  • God’s grace is omnipresent and touches all who comes in to contact with the community;
  • Every student receives a daily reminder that God loves them
  • Students love the challenge of learning and are well-prepared to embrace life-long education
  • Classroom education includes enhanced learning through technology integration and leads students to embracing BIG ideas about life and service
  • Faculty embrace the challenges and rewards of teaching and feel empowered through professional development that is continuous and purposeful
  • Parents feel appreciated and are supported to lead and serve with their unique talents
  • Every member of the community is firmly grounded in their faith and abilities, with cultural diversity embraced and celebrated
  • The campus is clean, up-to-date and optimal for learning
  • The mission is embodied by the community and grounded in faith, learning and service and reverberates throughout the campus and visitors

Since its founding in 1960, St. Charles Borromeo Parish School has graduated thousands of students that have gone on to further their Catholic education and become productive members of the Sacramento Community. Additionally, the school’s influence on students is evidenced by numerous alumni who have returned to the school with their own children recognizing on the school’s history and solidifying its future.