St. Charles Borromeo School


The Catholic School Advisory Commission of St. Charles Borromeo School plays a vital role in advising the Principal and in fostering the vibrancy of the community and culture of our school. The primary purpose of the CSAC is to advise the Principal on site-specific matters. The Commission operates under the sole direction and authority of the Principal and, because St. Charles Borromeo is under the governance of a diocesan board, the Commission at St. Charles does not have a formal relationship with neither the Pastor nor the board of governance. The Principal serves as Chairwoman of the CSAC. Members serve for a limited term at the discretion of the Principal. The Principal relies on the CSAC for policy recommendations but does not participate in budget or tuition setting.

In this vital role of advising, the CSAC at St. Charles coordinates committees that are essential to the success of our school. These committees are:

  • Development/Fundraising – to support the fundraising goals of the school
  • Facilities – to help ensure the safety and security of the campus and monitor capital improvements
  • Parent Engagement – to support the engagement of parents in volunteer activities at the school
  • Community Relations – to help promote the image of the school to the greater community
  • Mission Effectiveness – to assist the Principal in examining how well we carry out mission to be a Catholic school