In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

I have been attending St. Charles Borromeo since Kindergarten. I am now in seventh grade. Out of eight years of attendance, there are many things that contribute to my happiness and love for this school. I like the fact that I can practice my religion freely without being criticized or being prohibited to do so. I also truly enjoy spending time with my teachers who are all ready to help me in any way possible and who are ready to help me at any time. Along with that, I appreciate my solid education, no matter how much homework I get. Because of my gifted teachers, I continue to receive an advanced education. I am able to be active in the many sports and activities that St. Charles takes part in. Finally, I love the fact that our school is a tight knit community. I know almost every student’s name and I hang out with a variety of people. I love attending St. Charles Borromeo School and I recommend others to join our family.

- Diego– 7th Grade

I appreciate being a student at St. Charles Borromeo because of all the amazing people that work here. They make me excited to go to school each day. They have humble and funny teachers, a wonderful principal, and many students that you can’t wait to meet. This school will help you build a strong community. I love all the activities we have here such as sports and festivals and you will too!

- Nicole – 8th Grade

I appreciate being a student at St. Charles Borromeo because whether it is being with people in the same school all your life or just meeting a new student, everyone ends up acting like a family. Everyone shows each other respect. Also the teachers here are really fun and interesting. They always encourage you to do your best. The sports here are so much fun. There is a great variety of things do.

- Olivia – 8th Grade

As a student of St. Charles Borromeo, I appreciate many qualities of the school. For example, this school is not just a school, it is a family. St. Charles unites people from different families and invites them to be a part of the St. Charles Borromeo community. Also, St. Charles has many loving and funny teachers who teach you to reach your potential. This school gives you the chance to meet wonderful friends, and become like a second family. For me, in this school, I met my second family, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

- Annika – 8th Grade

I appreciate being a St. Charles student because of the nice people at our school. Everyone here is kind and helpful. I really appreciate how helpful the school is for charities and for special events. Also everyone in the school is like a family. I really enjoy that we go to church and pray together.

- Shari – 8th grade