Admission Policy

Admission Policy

St. Charles Borromeo School holds as primary the belief in God and in the Church, the value of the human person, and a commitment to a mission of service. We believe therefore: That every person, as a child of God, regardless of race, condition, or age, has equal dignity. St. Charles Borromeo School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or ethnic origin in the administration of education policies, financial aid programs, or other school administered programs.

Although we aspire to meet the needs of each of our students, we must also recognize our limitations in accepting/addressing some exceptional challenges that a given student may present and which are beyond our scope of expertise.

St. Charles Borromeo School does not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of gender, age, disability, race, color, or national/ethnic origin. Admission priority to St. Charles Borromeo School usually follows the priorities thus noted:

  1. Children with a brother or sister currently enrolled in the school
  2. Registered, contributing Catholic parishioners
  3. Non-Parishioners
  4. Non-Catholics

Class size does not usually exceed 35 students per class. We do not normally accept new students at the 7th & 8th grade level unless they are transferring from another Catholic school because of the difficulty of the transition at that level. The principal will make the final decision based on circumstances and his interview with parents and child.