How We Respond

How We Respond

Responding with Faith, Hope, Love

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of schools has focused on three key goals:

Our successful Distance Learning Program launched on March 16, 2020 without a break in continuity of instruction. As the County of Sacramento continues to enforce the guidelines for students to remain at home until certain conditions are met, our Distance Learning Program is in place:

In the meantime, we are preparing for students to return to campus under the guidance of the Catholic School Department, and the County of Sacramento Health officials. We have prepared a preliminary: Return to School Plan with extensive details for:

We acknowledge that even with all these in place, some parents may not choose to send their children back into classrooms. We honor the choices and decisions of all our parents and will therefore continue to serve our students regardless of their location with a blended learning experience and live streaming of instruction.